Prof. Djordjije Rakocevic, PhD-Licensed Auditor


The Institute of Internal Auditors of Montenegro (IIA Montenegro) is established with the purpose of meeting common professional interests of internal auditors, Institute members, and all other professionals engaged in activities of and in relation with the internal audit.

The mission of the IIA Montenegro is to organize and assemble internal auditors and professional engaged in activities in relation with the internal audit, with the purpose of representing and advocating of the internal audit profession, making efforts for its promotion, as well as sharing and exchanging the knowledge and information among its members.


On the path of fulfillment of this goal, a significant milestone reached is membership in the Institute of Internal Auditors, Altamonte Springs, Florida - IIA Global.  By this recognition of the IIA Montenegro as a member of the IIA Global, all IIA Montenegro members became by default also members of the Institute of Internal Auditors, an international organization of internal auditors with more than 170,000 members in 165 countries worldwide.

As members of the IIA Montenegro, the internal auditors are able to promote their work, get informed from “the best practices“ source for establishment of the internal audit activity and services, to establish a communication network aimed for enabling the exchange of knowledge with the colleagues from all around the world and to participate in defining of changes to and promotion of the Standards.

 The goals and tasks of the IIA Montenegro are:

  • Promotion of the internal audit profession in Montenegro,

  • Setting up and maintenance of standards for the professional practice of internal audit and standards for assessment of the quality of internal audit perfomance,

  • Professional development and certification of internal auditors,

  • Organizing professional assemblies of the members with the purpose of informing them on the latest developments and practice in internal audit of different countries in the world,

  • Promotion of internal auditors that can facilitate the development of the profession,

  • Promotion of the professional practice of internal audit to all interested parties (eg. Supervisory board, management, audit committees, professional bodies, etc.),

  • Research and promotion of the knowledge and information on te internal audit, internal controls, internal control systems and related issues,

  • Informing members and introducing them to the Code of professional Ethics of Internal Auditors, Standards, guidelines, experience and positions of the IIA and ECIIA (European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing),

  • Cooperation and liaison of the IIA Montenegro with other professional bodies in Montenegro with the purpose of exchanging knowledge, information and experience in internal audit,

  • Involvement of as large number of the IIA Montenegro members as possible into the activities of the Institute, as well as maintaining the necessary quality of the profession, continuity of operations and the development of the Institute,

  • Adequate communication of the IIA Montenegro with its members with the purpose of providing them with all necessary member services,

  • Ensuring financial stability and technical conditions for Institute operations.


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